And thus, the morning show was born

A couple months ago my friend Garrett and I had a brilliant idea to start our own morning show.  We wanted to be unique and different so we created a show that has original content.  We also added some spice with a bit of humor and the chemistry of our somewhat eccentric personalities (Garrett and I are the hosts).  Thus, WEBN’s Morning Window Into Boston was born.

We have only done three shows but our little baby sure has come a long way.  It was frustrating at the beginning, because the three producers and myself are still new to broadcast, but patience is a virtue and we have seen this show grow.  I have faith that this could truly be something great, and I’m excited to stick around to see it evolve.  Below is a link to a bloopers video that Garrett created a couple days ago.  ENJOY

WEBN’s Morning Window Into Boston Bloopers Video!